Central Oregon and Gorge Rx Summit

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OPG Meeting August 19th 6-8 PM

This meeting will be on addiction, including heroin, naloxone, and buprenorphine. We are providing the relevant articles in advance to give attendees more time to review the material before the meeting. Click on the link for the list.

Meeting Agenda Now Available

OPG Meeting February 17th 6-8 PM

Overview of future directions for OPG work

Discussion groups on:

  • Agreement/disagreement with OPG guidelines as currently written?
  • How to achieve adoption of guidelines by local medical community?
  • What are components of a successful community education campaign?

Updates on events and news from the region, state, and nation

Meeting Agenda Now Available

OPG Meeting January 20th 6-8 PM

Review of Guidelines for specialty care of high risk, high dose pain patients

Discussion groups on:

  • Screening and Evaluation Guidelines
  • Oversight and Transparency
  • Components of Care

And updates on May Pain Conference, State activities, etc.

Meeting Agenda Now Available

OPG Meeting November 18th 6-8 PM

Topic: OPG Guidelines for 2016
We are working on a new version of the guidelines. We will present and discussion key areas of revision and get feedback at the meeting. Also, news on CDC grant, regional summits, website expansion, & drug settlement money.

Explain Pain Seminar

The course is based on David Butler and Lorimer Moseley’s book. The presenter will help you understand how the pain system works when there are injured tissues and nerves, and what happens in the brain in relation to pain experiences.
When: September 12-13, 2015
Where: Portland, OR
Who: Professionals working with clients with pain complaints