Naloxone, also called Narcan, is a miracle drug. It can bring someone dying of an overdose from pain pills or heroin back to life. It gives that person a second chance to change behaviors or get help.

The drug can be injected or sprayed into the nose. Naloxone is available at local syringe exchange programs and by prescription. Ask your healthcare provider about getting a prescription for naloxone if you are at risk of an overdose.

Oregon passed a naloxone bill in 2013 allowing people to carry naloxone to be used on others. With a prescription for naloxone and a few minutes of training, you can be prepared to save the life of a loved one, friend, or someone in need. Naloxone will soon be available to the general public at registered pharmacies. Naloxone saves lives.

MAKE THE CALL. Oregon has a Good Samaritan law. If you see someone overdosing, PLEASE CALL 911

Naloxone – How it saves lives
Learn to recognize the symptoms of an overdose. Learn to reverse opioid overdose using naloxone. Choose from four videos for different types of naloxone.