Here are helpful clinical tools you can download. Most of these tools are in the appendices of the OPG Guidelines. We created separate PDFs of these tools here for your convenience. You can download and save or print each of these individually.

Guidelines Flowchart (Download) – A flowchart for evaluating and treating complex chronic non-cancer pain.
Tapering Flowchart (Download) – A flowchart for tapering.
Five Step Approach to Treating Patients with Chronic Complex Non-Cancer Pain (CCNP) (Download) – These five steps can be followed whether the patient is already receiving opioid therapy or coming to you for the first time.
Assessment Tools
Opioid Risk Tool (ORT) (Download)
– The Opioid Risk Tool is one of the easiest to use assessment tools for establishing a patient’s susceptibility for the misuse of opioids.
Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-4) (Download) – The PHQ is a tool to help you identify individuals who are at risk of misusing opioids and benzodiazepines due to mental health issues.
STOP BANG (Download) – STOP BANG helps evaluate the risk of respiratory depression with opioids.
Aberrancy Screening
Urine Drug Screen (UDS) Frequently Asked Questions (Download) – UDS helps monitor for unexpected licit and illicit drugs that may be present in your patient’s urine.
Sample Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) (Download) – The PDMP is an online tool available to all prescribers, pharmacists and patients in Oregon to see which prescription medications a patient has taken and is currently taking.
Patient-Provider Communication
Patient Treatment Agreements (Download) – Example treatment agreements (“pain contracts”) for office use.
Material Risk Notice (Download) – A required agreement of understanding for potential side effects of opioids.
Medical Risks of Long-term Opioid Use (Download) – This patient education handout helps providers explain to patients the wide range of medical risks of long-term opioid use.
Assessing Progress
Graded Pain and Function (Download) – A functional assessment of daily pain and its interference with activities of daily living.
Oswestry Low-Back Pain Disability Questionnaire (Download) – The Oswestry questionnaire is considered the gold standard of low back functional outcome tools used to measure a patient’s permanent functional disability.
Opioid Dose Calculator (Download) – An Excel spreadsheet tool to help calculate opioid doses and find Morphine Equivalent Doses (MED) for commonly used opioids.
Additional Tools
Chronic Pain Treatment Checklist (Download) – A checklist to help ensure compliance with these guidelines.
Metabolism Data for Common Medications (Download) – This table gives the metabolic rates and expected urine drug screening results for common pain medications and other drugs.
Behavioral Health Risks Screening Tool (Download) – This screening tool is for pregnant women and women of child bearing age to assess behavioral and environmental risk factors.
Southern Oregon Community Resources
Community Resources (Download) – Recovery and Mental Health resources for patients with Chronic Pain.


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